Camping Handbook

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If you’re new to camping or need a refresher, this is an overview of some camping considerations and items you may want to bring from home:

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  • Coffee/Tea Supplies (we have French presses available to rent or purchase)
  • Insect Repellant/Sunscreen/Aloe (available for purchase)
  • Food Needs/Salt and Pepper/S’mores kit (it’s a good idea to prep some meals before you go camping, you can make kabobs, pre-cut veggies, and put any food in containers for easy cooking on the fire or the stove)
  • Aluminum Foil (you can make pre-packaged foil packs ahead of time to cook on the fire - check out some recipes here)
  • Food Storage (zip lock bags, Tupperware)
  • Ice/Ice packs and coolers
  • Firewood and kindling (Provincial Parks do not allow wood from outside their park)
  • Medications (prescriptions, allergy, stomach, pain)
  • Entertainment - Games, Cards, Frisbees, etc.
  • Appropriate clothing (raincoat, sweaters) and footwear (hiking, water)
  • Beach Towels/water floaties/water shoes
  • Corkscrew, can opener, scissors, peeler
  • Paper towel, toilet paper, tissue
  • Water bottles/water jug (water, in most provincial parks, is potable, but you may want to bring your own drinking water)
  • Bedding needs (sleeping bags, pillows, extra blankets)
  • Clorox or disinfecting wipes

Welcome Instructions:

  1. When you arrive at your campsite, safety always comes first. Ensure that any perishable food is in a cooler with ice and store it out of direct sunlight. Always store your cooler in your car at night to prevent night visitors from being attracted to and raiding your campsite! Apply insect repellent or sunscreen as needed and make note of exits, one-way roads, any fire bans, alcohol bans, speed limits, and washroom facilities. Make sure you have easy access to your first aid kit. Always call 911 if you have an emergency.
  2. When you pick up your gear from Carefree Camping, don't forget to ask about complimentary ice packs and fire starters. Also, browse through our lending library and sign out some books about Ontario wildlife and nature!
  3. Food safety is very important. You may want a smaller cooler for beverages to avoid opening your food storage cooler too much.
  4. Typically at the Welcome Centre of your campground, you can purchase any additional items you need including ice and firewood.
  5. Examine your campsite for a level square of ground without rocks or gravel and lay down your footprint (tarp). This step prevents moisture from seeping into your tent from below. Having trees near your chosen tent area is an advantage as it can provide protection from the elements and anchors for the additional tarp you may want to put up.
  6. Take your tent out of the case and pop it up on the tarp. At this point, you can tuck the edges of your footprint under the tent and secure your tent in place with the pegs. A few hits with the back of the hatchet/multitool should drive the pegs into place. Try to angle your pegs inward toward the tent to ensure it’s anchored securely.
  7. Remove your sleep pads from their pouches and allow them some time to self-inflate or inflate them with the foot pump. Make up your bed(s) with the bedding and pillows you’ve brought from home or rented.
  8. At this point, you may want to consider putting up the other tarp for protection from the sun or rain. It can be secured to trees using the bungee cords over your tent or dining area.
  9. Move your picnic tables to areas of your campsite that work for you for cooking and socializing. Secure the tablecloth to the picnic table using the clips provided. Put your stove in a convenient place for cooking.
  10. Place your folding chairs around the fire pit. Start a fire!
  11. The rest is up to you! Make a meal, go to the beach, take a hike, make s’mores, explore the trails, go for a bike ride, rent a canoe, read a book, play a game, and have a nap but most of all, enjoy your Carefree Camping experience.
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Packing Up and Leaving

  1. Use the handheld sweeper to remove any dirt or debris from the equipment and put the chairs, sleeping pads, and tent back in their cases*. Folding up a pop-up tent can be tricky. Watch this video that makes putting the tent away easy here.
  2. Wipe down the stove and wash any dishes.
  3. Takedown, sweep off and fold up your tarps. You may want to leave your footprint (tarp) or other damp items in the sun for a bit to dry off.
  4. Load the gear into your carrying case.
  5. Deposit all garbage and recycling into the appropriate bins found near the entrance/exit to the park. There is also usually a propane cylinder recycling bin there as well.
  6. Ensure your fire is completely extinguished.
  7. Leave your campsite as you found it. If you have leftover wood you can leave it by the fire pit or offer it to a neighbor.
  8. Return your gear to Carefree Camping Rentals in Orillia.

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*If it is raining, or your tent, sleep pads, tarp, chairs etc. are wet, don’t put them back in their cases. Loosely pack them into the carrier and when you return the gear, we will clean and dry the items.