A Beginner’s Guide To Camping

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Camping is a great activity for family and friends to enjoy some fresh air and spend some quality time together in the great outdoors. However, for those who are new to camping or have no experience, it can be a challenge.

If you’re considering camping for the first time but feeling intimidated by the gear and preparation. Not to worry. We’re here to help!

Like with most outdoor activities, the right planning and prep are key! So to prepare you, Carefree Camping Rentals has put together a beginner’s guide for those who have never camped before. This guide is an overview of the basics of camping. Keep reading to ensure your first camping trip is enjoyable and stress-free.

Getting Started

Prepare your essential camping gear: Camping for beginners can be a challenge, particularly when you’re not sure of the type of equipment you need. For help, check out our camping handbook and make your own checklist to ensure nothing is left behind.

Rent out camping equipment: In some places, you can rent camping essentials like tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. At Carefree Camping Rentals, our camping gear kits have everything you need to go camping as a beginner or an experienced camper. This way, you don’t have to buy, store, organize or clean the gear. We do that! Call or email for more details, and we will get you camping in a carefree way!

Advice From The Pros

Always be aware of safety when camping: Put food in your car, always know where your first aid kit is, keep food chilled and in a cooler, be cautious when using a hatchet and making a campfire, make a note of exits and your campsite number. Call 911 in an emergency.

Protect your camping equipment from the weather: Despite the best weather, tents and equipment get wet. Be sure to put a ground tarp under your tent to prevent moisture from seeping into your tent. Open your tent doors and windows in the daytime to let condensation escape and dry out. Put up a clothesline to dry any damp towels, sleeping bags, and clothes.

Enjoy the trip and the time away: Camping should be fun! It is a time to unplug and reconnect with your friends, family, and nature.

Carefree Camping Rentals has all you need to be outfitted for your next camping adventure! We try to make it as easy as possible to enjoy a carefree camping experience. All you need to do is:

  • Email us with your camping dates and equipment needs
  • Pick up your gear
  • Have a great camping trip!

As the go-to experts in Orillia for all camping equipment and tent rentals, we assure you will have a memorable camping trip. We strive to provide quality, compact items to make camping a carefree and enjoyable experience.

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